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Purpose and Process
In 2015, the City of Belmont began the process of creating the Belmont Village Specific Plan. Over the past decade, Belmont Village has been the subject of numerous planning and visioning exercises, and the area has seen some development activity, but its full potential remains to be realized. Through the community outreach for the city’s General Plan Update (initiated in 2014), we have heard that the vision and objectives for the Village that were articulated in the city’s 2003 Vision Statement are still true today: the Belmont community desires a true town center with living, shopping, working, and entertainment opportunities for residents and visitors alike, in a vibrant mixed-use setting.

The Belmont Village Specific Plan will serve as a key implementation tool to realize the vision of the Village that is supported in the General Plan Update. The Specific Plan will establish a strong policy framework with proactive implementation strategies that reflect existing opportunities and constraints, and catalyze investment and revitalization in the Village Area. The Specific Plan will provide detailed information on the vision for the Village, land uses, circulation, urban design and development standards, utilities and public services, community facilities, affordable housing strategies, the environment, and implementation.

A joint, program-level Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for both the General Plan and the Specific Plan will be prepared, to provide the environmental documentation that must accompany the plans according to State law. The joint EIR will ensure that environmental opportunities and constraints are identified and incorporated into the planning processes, as well as identify policies that can mitigate any adverse environmental effects of other aspects of the plans.

We invite you to participate in this important planning process for the Belmont Village Specific Plan! Residents have the opportunity to get involved at all stages of the planning process, from the initial visioning and exploration of ideas and choices to the final Specific Plan. The EIR is a public process as well, and we invite your participation and input during this stage of the planning effort. 

Key Issues
The Belmont Village Specific Plan will address a number of key issues in the area, which include but are not limited to:

  • The precise mix of land uses for the Village area, including residential, retail, office, entertainment, and public uses
  • Transportation, circulation, and parking improvements to facilitate multimodal access
  • Strategies to stimulate economic development in the Village
  • Building prototypes that would be financially feasible in the Village
  • The amount and location of housing that is appropriate for the Village, including affordable and market rate units
  • Urban design, development, and streetscape standards to improve livability
  • Financing strategies and key capital improvements to catalyze investment in the area

The Belmont Village Specific Plan will be an action-oriented roadmap to guide the revitalization of Belmont Village. It will be crafted in a way that is clear and easy to use, with clear strategies and implementation policies and regulations.


1. Project Start-UpComplete
2. Refined Existing Conditions & Opportunities AnalysisComplete
3. Ideas & Concepts - Alternatives AnalysisComplete
4. Plan Components & Policy FrameworkComplete
5. Draft Village Specific/Implementation PlanComplete
6. Zoning


7. Draft and Final Environmental Impact Report
(Note: Joint Document for Belmont Village Specific Plan
and General Plan Update)



8. Hearings & Adopted Belmont Village Specific PlanComplete


Consultant Team
Dyett & Bhatia, Urban and Regional Planners is leading the consultant team.

Additional consultants, with specializations in different disciplines, are: