Call of Duty®: Mobile

Call of Duty®: Mobile

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Call of Duty®: Mobile review

Call of Duty: Mobile is a part of one of the most popular game series in the world. It was released by Tencent Games developer only recently, on October 1, 2019, but it was much awaited by all Call of Duty fans. Call of Duty: Mobile is a first-person shooter, similar to other games in series. You can download it for your smartphone based on Android or iOS platforms.

Features and Functions

Call of Duty: Mobile offers several modes you may enjoy. You can play solo, against smart AI, in training mode. This mode is the best for newbie players who are not sure if they ready to go further. There is a multiplayer mode, and you can always invite your friends to cover you back. Explore Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops maps together. If you want quick gameplay, there is a 5v5 deathmatch and sniper vs. sniper duel.

Once you feel ready to the real challenge, enter the 100 person battle royale. The battle is promised to be epic, so you are going to need your squad behind you. They are better to be people you trust the most, as the stakes are high. The winner is the last who stands, one player, or the squad. The map starts shrinking after some time.

Beware! The pressure in the game is huge, and you have to be careful. The ambush may be anywhere. In the beta version, there was a zombie mode, which we all enjoyed. The mode is soon to be available in the game. It offers you some serious thrills and chills.

It does not matter what model you prefer. Your main goal in the game is shooting quickly; do not give your enemies a chance, as they will not be so generous to you. The Call of Duty: Mobile is definitely a great shooter, where you have to show your quick reactions, master the surviving strategy, and try not to kill innocent people. If you don’t like its toughness perhaps you can try the Super Mario series.


Call of Duty series raises the standard of high quality of graphics for other shooters from the very beginning. And Call of Duty: Mobile continues this tradition. It has realistic, amazingly developed sceneries, a first-person perspective, and attention to every detail. It is like GTA V but in a world of shooters. Tencent definitely did their best with the mobile version of the game.

The game offers well-developed characters, and lots of weapons you will love. There are locations you shall check out. But don’t do this for too long. The graphics may distract you, but your enemies are near. Remember, all the sounds in the game are realistic, as well.


Call of Duty: Mobile is the latest game in Call of Duty series. Announced in March, it was released this October. The game is free-to-play with two in-game currencies and a battle pass. During the first three days of its release, Call of Duty: Mobile was downloaded 35 million times, and received $2 million in revenue.
The game already breaks records and attracts millions of players across the world. It has outstanding graphics, exciting, never-ending gameplay, and numerous modes. It is available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Call of Duty®: Mobile

5 / 5

Author: Activision Publishing, Inc.
Latest Version: 1.0.11
Publish Date: 2020-07-26
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