Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

5 / 5


Rockstar North

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Grand Theft Auto V review

There are no such people born after 1990 who’ve never played Grand Theft Auto at least once. This is one of the best-selling series ever created, and its last chapter Grand Theft Auto V remains the third top-grossing game in history with nearly 300 million copies sold. GTA V is available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Features and Functions

Grand Theft Auto V exploded the market in 2013. While everyone was expecting it to be another game about a lone-wolf criminal, Rockstar came up with 3 playable characters! Does it mean that the story became 3 times bigger? Exactly! The full walkthrough with all side missions and random encounters will take you over 24 hours. Actually, it’s the least possible amount of time. My first playthrough lasted around half a year because there’s so much to explore in GTA V that you’d want to stay in under any pretext.

This time, developers bring us back to the legendary Los Santos, where CJ was born, but there’s no more groove street anymore. The city has become bigger, technologies progressed, and criminals became more creative and desperate. You play 3 outlaws: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Each character has unique skills like bullet-time and temporary invulnerability. You can switch between them almost any time to get specific advantages during missions, to complete unique quests, or just to have fun with your favorite protagonist. That’s the first game in the series with so much freedom.


GTA V was released almost 7 years ago, but it’s still one of the best-looking games around. If your PC is powerful, you can even turn it into a hyper-realistic world, using some massive modes. The world here is incredibly realistic and lively. Every single NPC has some story behind and unique behavior patterns. Like in real life, people go hiking, chat in cafès, flirt and dance in clubs at night, drive mad when you provoke them, and call the police if they see a crime. You’re guaranteed to spend hours just admiring what people around do. At usual in the series, you can start messing around and watch how the environment reacts on your deeds.


This game is a must-have for every gamer. You can’t say that you’re into video games if you’ve never played it. It offers you the most unrestricted environment among all video games as well as a hilarious satirical story and impressively natural gameplay mechanics. GTA V will never get old!

Grand Theft Auto V

5 / 5

Author: Rockstar North
Publish Date: 2015-04-14