Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

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Mario Kart Tour review

After Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World’s smartphone debut, the best-selling game franchise “Mario Kart” is returning to mobile with the most awaited launch of Mario Kart Tour this month. While it took a lot of time to put the final touches, Nintendo is finally releasing its next big mobile gaming foray on iOS and Android on 25th September.

Features and Functions

This traditional fan-favorite and free-to-start racing game is fun and compulsive, where gamers will play across the real world inspired sites along with favorites from the Mario Kart series. Yes, you heard that right, different characters and items are largely pulled from the previous “Mario Kart” console games including many returning from Mario Kart: Double Dash. In this game, racers can also accumulate a diverse variety of drivers, gliders, and karts in addition to upgrades to get their perfect combination.

Following the other latest entries of the franchise, Mario Kart Tour offers a combo of battling, racing and item collection. The game has 64 courses with 16 different tracks. There will be 30 different drivers, and a wide array of vehicles to play, and many ways to outfit them. There is a big difference in how it plays, players don’t have to brake. As this is a smartphone game, the brake and gas are automatically handled. Another subtle adjustment is the use or touchscreen to accelerate the racers left or right.

The game has two modes: in the “Campaign mode,” players will race through 3 tracks with one challenge. The challenge is worth three stars and every track worth five stars. Players will need to pay a different amount of stars for every cup and wait for a certain time to get it unlocked. The other mode is “Coin Rush mode” where racers will have lots of coins to play a version of SNES Rainbow Road, one of the most popular road track in the franchise’s history. Emeralds are the premium currency of the game, racers will need to pay these to launch the pipe and unlock karts, gliders, and characters.


Everything from the little speed boost, steering, to the use of items is a perfect re-creation of the previous console games. In terms of usability, the game is pretty simple and feels like the full “Mario Kart” game. To send items ahead, just tap on the screen or swipe down to drop these behind you. With many similar tracks, the graphics also look the same with a lot of improvement. For instance, the 3DS Toad circuit is brighter than the 3DS version. The textures have been simplified for the mobile version, but they are the same racers have played for years.


Considering the “Tour” element, we get the clue that Nintendo has placed the focus on online multiplayer, just like other smartphone titles. We expect online leaderboards, multiplayer competitions along with anti-gravity mechanics and glider. We think Mario Kart Tour is a celebration of the series’ past- there are nostalgic pulls reminding players of the great series and make them crave for the fun they had packed with years’ worth of memories. This is going to be an experience that will keep players occupied for months.

Mario Kart Tour

5 / 5

Author: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Latest Version: 2.4.0
Publish Date: 2020-06-11