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Minecraft review

There is probably not a single person on Earth who does not know about Minecraft. This indie sandbox game was released in 2009 by Mojang AB. It was just a pre-version, and Microsoft Windows users were not able to see the full game until 2011. The game went huge! Up to the 2019 year, Mojang sold over 176 million copies.

Features and Functions

Minecraft does not have one linear story. Minecraft is the Universe filled with unique worlds and possibilities. You are the one who actually creates everything around you from the very beginning. The world is generating especially for you before you enter the game. You can choose one of the existing parameters or pick the random number. But you can always live it to the game.

In Minecraft, you are the main character in this world made of blocks. Depending on what biome are you in right now, you have to adjust to new sceneries around you and start building everything around. Each biome has its unique atmosphere, attractions, animals.

There are several modes in Minecraft: Survival, Creative, Spectator and Adventure. The Spectator mode is completely passive and you just jump from one world to another and watch other players playing Minecraft. Survival and Adventure modes require basic survival skills from you. There will be numerous dangers which you have to overcome, including angry zombies, loss of vital energy, lack of food and water. Don’t forget that you can die from exhaustion. Creative mode is considered to be the safest one, as you don’t have to watch your vital indicators and your main goal is to create everything you want or can imagine there.

There is a multiplayer mode available for you. You can invite up to 10 friends to play with you in Minecraft. They don’t have to be Android users and can play on different platforms. Enjoy your adventures online.


If you have not noticed it already, Minecraft is a world made of blocks. These blocks have different colors, sizes, and purposes. And yet, they are blocks anyway. It is very possible that the game became so popular because of its extraordinary graphics. You may be amazed, but before Minecraft, there were actually similar graphics in many computer games.

While everything looks colorful and sunny around, don’t forget that in Survival mode you have to check all your vital indicators, recharge your energy with food and rest, and hide from monsters. This mode requires advanced knowledge of controls, which is actually not hard to learn at all.


Yes, we have to confess, we love Minecraft. But who does not? Probably those, who have never played the game. Minecraft offers activities for any taste. If you want to build something beautiful, do this, if you want to kill a zombie, you can do this as well. Minecraft continues to progress and now we all can’t wait for the new features announced during the Minecon, annual event that gathers millions of fans across the world.



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