Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters

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Pokémon Masters review

Have you collected all the creatures in Pokémon: GO already? Hurry up because this new game in the Pokémon universe has become a new free-to-play hit in both Google Play and App Store. It has been installed for 10 million times just within 4 days after the global release. The brand new island of Pasio is waiting when you come and master 3-on-3 combat with legendary trainers and all the classic Pokémons.

Features and Functions

Pokémon Masters is a mobile turn-based PvP in which 2 teams of 3 fight each other to become champions of the Pokémon Masters League. Teams usually consist of the main player and a so-called sync pair. The pair may perform one of 3 functions, such as attack, defense, and tactics. You can recruit characters into sync pairs by completing the story mode or by scouting them.

The story revolves around the Pasio Artificial Island where trainers from the entire Pokémon universe gathered to compete for the title of the best trainer. You enter the tournament as a new male or female master. You can create him or her from the ground up. Your aim in the story mode is to get ready for multiplayer, befriend trainers and train creatures to play well in the 3v3 mode. There are 10 brand new characters, but the rest of the roster has returned from the classic series, so be ready to have some strong nostalgia.

Pasio Island presents multiple environments, including cities, glaciers, volcanoes, forests, lakes, and more. It was created by the new character named Lear, who intended the place to serve only competition purposes. That’s why you won’t meet any wild Pokémons around.


Like other games of the series, Pokémon Masters is simple to play and difficult to excel. The visuals of the new installment follow the art style of the series, but all objects and characters and transferred into 3D. Character animation is just beautiful and represents the anime at its best. The only disappointment is that characters are not dubbed. They just sight, laugh or say something like “I say no” instead of talking. On the other hand, the music in cutscenes is nice.


Pokémon Masters came to become one of the most played mobile games, and it’s going to be on top for years. It’s a high-quality role-playing multiplayer adventure that is exciting not only for the fans of the series but for those who seeks an immersive RPG with the elaborate universe and original gameplay mechanics.

Pokémon Masters

5 / 5

Author: DeNA Co., Ltd.
Latest Version: 1.11.0
Publish Date: 2020-06-27