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Secret Neighbor review

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer action game developed by Dynamic Pixels and Hologryph. The game is available on Xbox or PC. A group of six children tries to get into the basement of a neighbor’s house to save a missing friend. The only problem is that one of the children is a disguised neighbor. Despite this fact, if you chose the children’s side, you need to collect all the keys to open the basement and win.

Features and Functions

The multiplayer features and voice chat makes the game more exciting. You can communicate with your friends and a neighbor to share your thoughts. Children have both active and passive skills, which makes them unique in some way. For example, the Detective has a picture of the key, and a place where it lies, which allows him to find the keys quickly. The leader gives a buff to running speed, and the scout has a slingshot to fight off a neighbor.

Playing for a neighbor is also funny. There are two versions of the neighbor in access. The standard neighbor knows how to set traps, both in the first part, and become one of the children to get to the victim. The clown has active abilities like a smoke bomb and the ability to become interior items. 

The game location is a massive building with many locked doors, inconspicuous rooms, and hiding places. The location of the keys generated randomly, so you need to look into each drawer and cabinet. It seems to be an impossible mission during the first match. However, if you consider that the mansion always remains unchanged, you will gradually remember the plans of all floors, and you can navigate without problems.

The match lasts 15 minutes, but the finale can come much faster. Everything depends on your teamwork. If players scatter into different rooms, the Neighbor will catch everyone quickly and put into cells. On the other hand, if they run in a crowd, they may not have time to explore the entire house. Therefore, you always have to choose between risk and key search speed.


The game interface is very easy and understandable for beginners. In the lower-left corner of the screen, you will find a portrait of your character and your current state of health. If your health drops to zero, you will be knocked down, and you will need other players. As a neighbor, you “die” and immediately reborn away from children. You can also view your skills next to your character’s portrait. You can press Q to inspire your allies and give them extra movement speed. 

The second ability (red icon) is a skill that can be used only under certain conditions. Inventory is located at the center of the screen - each character can carry up to 2 items. Except the bagger, this character can carry three items. In the lower right corner of the screen, you will find hints for the thing that you are currently holding. A cross in the center of the screen will help you aim. At the top of the screen, the current time spent in game is shown.


Should you play Secret Neighbor? It depends on how much you like asymmetric social horror, where the outcome of the match depends on the teamwork. In the game, you can have a good time with a group of friends, but races with random players may seem tedious, and the presence of bugs and an imbalance of the sides indicate that the authors should still work on it.

Secret Neighbor

5 / 5

Author: Hologryph
Publish Date: 2019-10-24