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TikTok review

Some people call TikTok - Make Your Day just another Instagram for youngsters, but that’s not true. TikTok is a fresh video-making experience for people of any age who want to show off their creativity and expose cool videos to millions of viewers. It’s also a perfect source of personalized entertainment in numerous categories, including humor, music, DIY, and many more.

Downloading TikTok, you open an enormous universe of short videos by users and popular influencers. You can become part of the society in a few steps and even start to make money on that!

Features and Functions

Unlike the majority of social networks, such as Facebook, TikTok combines person-to-person communication with forum features and a robust creative studio for making videos. In fact, you don’t need any other apps to make excellent content. It’s a full-cycle system!

Don’t hurry, and start by watching what people around you do. The most trending genres on TikTok are comedy sketches, impressive sports shows, cooking tutorials, music dubs, dancing, cute clips with pets, ASMR, oddities, video games, DIY, and many more. Can you do something really good? Maybe you’re a pro housewife who knows useful tips? That’s awesome! Make dynamic, entertaining videos about it and share your experience with others. That’s the idea of TikTok.

If you’ve never tried to make clips, don’t worry about montage knowledge. You don’t need any pro-level skills to make perfect cuts in the integrated studio. It provides dozens of transitions, filters, stickers, and other effects that can transform your videos into some high-quality pieces.


The TikTok app is quite demanding to your device, so it’s better to close everything before launching it if you have an old device. Shooting works smoothly on almost any device, while editing requires a lot of energy and RAM. The interface and controls are similar to Instagram’s. All commands are placed at the bottom bar so that you could reach them with a thumb. There’s also a shooting timer that allows you to start recording hands-free.


TikTok - Make Your Day is an inexhaustible source of influence and a huge platform for self-expression. It provides thousands of licensed popular tracks, impressive visual effects, filters, and, what’s more important, a multi-million audience that’s hungry for new exciting people to watch and talk about.


5 / 5

Author: TikTok Inc.
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Publish Date: 2020-07-07
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